LITECON is a building and technical services company, with over twenty years of experience in the sector, carrying out work of different types for private clients and for the Administration.

Within its activity, its building work, both residential and industrial, stands out, as well as renovation, refurbishment and conditioning work on commercial properties, town planning, offices and housing.

One of the company’s hallmarks is the high quality of the finishes, offering clients advice about the different alternatives and solutions, be they technical, practical or innovative.


The work force formed by the company is made up of specialised technicians and personnel, allocated to each work site, according to the company involved. We have our own personnel for Demolition, Structure, Masonry and Finishing work.

The partnership companies, specialising in different trades and installations have an important place in the company’s structure.

Regarding the resources for performing the work, LITECON has its own machinery, as well as auxiliary equipment.


One of LITECON’S main targets involves providing our clients with the greatest satisfaction regarding meeting of deadline and quality expectations.

Another of LITECON’s strategic policies is to implant and develop a Quality Management System, based on analysis and prevention and that reaches all the Company’s activities.

LITECON holds the UNE – EN ISO 9001 2008 certificate with AENOR


Likewise, as a company belonging to ANERR, we have the seal of approval that this Association gives to its members.